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Jen prancing over to her fans

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down here, I cannot sleep from fear

    Are you here to fight Katniss? 
      Are you here to fight with us? 
         I am. I will.

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He’s just been electrocuted and had his heart stop, but he doesn’t really want to rest bc he is of course concerned about Katniss, as always.

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every everlark scene  cf | 'a hundred lifetimes'


marauders era 

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  • Everyone else on tumblr: Makes perfect edits & GIFS
  • Everyone else on tumblr: Has 30,000 followers
  • Everyone else on tumblr: gets 100's of asks every day
  • Me: Reblogs stuff

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The Maze Runner Appreciation Week | Day 1: Favourite Glader

↳ Newt

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In life, what’s your weapon of choice?

Love in words. (x)

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